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Superglue for a Supergirl or not!

Ok, so in my house I have never been the fixer of broken things. the kids even always say, Daddy will fix it. They know! Daddy is Mr. Fix it. However tonight I attempted to fix something myself. I get … Continue reading

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One of those days

Today was one of those days. The day that makes you question, why did I have kids? Can I really handle being a stay at home mom? I am a disorganized mess and don’t have my act together! Today is a … Continue reading

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The Carrot Caterpillar

In my Garden this afternoon I pulled up the carrots we plants months ago. We honestly had begun to think these carrots were duds. Well little did I know ignoring them for a week will allow them to surprise me! We … Continue reading

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Getting my husband’s help in building this new blog, and I tell him I need G words to represent different things. I tell him I am going to use genius as one of the category’s and he tells me, “you are … Continue reading

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Making Bread

So I had the awesome privilege of getting to go to a bread making class. Back when I was in college the campus minister and his wife made their own bread, grinding it from the whole grain and everything. They did … Continue reading

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Giggles and Grace

Welcome to GIGGLES and GRACE. I hope to share with you my journey out of the workplace to a life at home with my three girls and husband. In a world that values success and achievement, I have struggled with … Continue reading

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